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Project Proposal for Elimination of Poverty

India is a rich country. But all Indians are not rich as the country. Few Indians are Billionares 0r Millionaires but Indians are poor. The Few can expand about One Lakh per day for their luxuries. But many Indians are afford Rs. 10/- for their necessaries. The huge parity leads to many despairs and disgusts. As a Social Service Organisation, we have entered in the far corners of Prakasam District. Our social workers and volunteers have gone through the lives of all parts of the District. The out-comes of their surveys reveal hard that one can come of tears.

The total population of Prakasam District is 30,59,423. The total house holders are 7,14,826. The total S.C population is 6,51,498 and S.T Population is 1,18,241. The parity we found is, the Western part of the district is a draught area. And their standard of living is low. The migrants to the far places is also higher in that area. The SC & STs situation is pitiable. They will get work totally from 70 to 90 days per year. The rest of the days they become stale. Hence the migration takes place.

Apart from the total population 30.59 lakhs about 3.059 lakhs of people are below poverty lined. Among them 90,000 far behind the poverty lined. They don't have daily food, they don't have shelter to save their leads. They don't have clothing to cover their bodies. They can't give education to their childern's and they ought not obtain medical facilities. In this juncture we want to take-up this as a challenge and to conduct the following programmes to change their lives completely and to get light to their sights, in the Districts of Prakasam & Guntur Districts.

Housing Programme

The prime problem of the above community to shelter. Some are dwelling on the streets, some are in thatched sheds etc. 3 to 6 pairs of families are living under 1 roof. In this situation the privacy is at a stake. Particularly the women have face problems while bathing & changing. Hence we proposed to construct low cost housing for 90,000 families.

Education Programme

The children of the above population can't go for school or colleges. Because they don't bear the fees and expenses. In some cases, they will send their children to the work or even to bonded labour. Hence we impart education to the children of the above community.

Health Programme

Health is wealth. But our target group can't afford any pao on the health care. Hence we appoint young & zealed doctors for the programme and we will onduct health camps in all the villages. Our team will checkup the patients and the poosible patients will be given advises and tiny medicines and chronic will be referred to RIMS, Ongole or GGH, Guntur.

Employment Generation Programme

For the self reliance and self respect anybody have to rely on their own. But the target group is depending upon the wages for their work. Hence we targeted to get the targeted group for the self reliant. Hence, we conduct Vocational Training to the targeted and impart required capiatal for establishing the units on the trained trades and get self-relianced with self respect.

Environment Conservation Programme

God has given precious natural resource. But the man is rigorously utilizing those resources and theses resources are decreasing day by day. It leads to natural calamities. Hence proposed to conduct extensive awarness programmes on conservation of environment in he Districts of Guntur, Prakasam and Nellore.

Community Halls

Our target group didn't have a common place for the meetings and functions. If they conducted the programmes in the Streets, their self respect will be at a stake. More over rains and natural aspects will disturb the functions. Hence we proposed to save the self respect of our target group to construct community halls in the required areas. Our survey yielded that the 4500 areas nneded the constructions.

Bore Wells

Water is very much needed thing for every human being. But safety water is not found in some areas. Particularly in the western regions fluoride is killing the lines or people and cattle. Hence we proposed to dig bore wells for the safety water in purpose 5000 areas. The average cost of one bore well is Rs. 2,00,000/- including hand pump.

Women Empowerment Programme

Women is treated as 2nd rate citizen in India. Though women is working equally in every field with men. The wage is not equal with the men. She working in the field as well discharging the domestic duties still she is ill-treated by men. It is higher in the call of SCs. & Sts. Hence we promote empowerment programmes to the SC & ST women by impart training in production and business units and support establish the units.

Child Care Programme

Infant mortality is higher in India. It is due to malnutrition, Pre & Post natal treatments. The ignorance of mothers and due to lack of means the situation arised. Hence we propose to establish Creche & Balwandi Centre to eradicate malnutrition.

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